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About The Author

If you're here because you remembered this web address from my Twitter account, congrats! You found me. If you didn't know I even had a website to begin with, well, shit! Either way, hello! Let's get to it.

Who are you?

I'm me! More information available here.

What is this?

This is Steller Space. It's a website where I will, infreqently and with seemingly no pattern or commitment, post long-form fiction and other things. I'll try to tag the other things so you can only read the fiction if that's what you're here for -- I don't judge -- and eventually I'll move them to another website entirely once I've got this whole "publishing" thing figured out. If you want more personal posts, stop by my other blog.

The name "Steller Space" comes from the idea of "interstellar space" and "Steller's Jays," a bird native to the Pacific Northwest, since the whole idea of this website was for me to self-publish a science fiction story about an anthropomorphic bird you may or may not have seen before. Ho hum!

What's this built on?

The content on this website is built largely on Markdown and my imagination. The website part of the website is built on Eleventy using the Eleventy-Base-Blog template that I've touched up a bit to make it fit my needs a bit better. At some point I need to finish adding the template headers to my previously written work and organize it. I'll do that eventually.

How do I contact you?

I'm pretty accessible. For updates on this website you can join my Telegram channel; if you want to e-mail me I should have you know I will reply to almost every email I get:

Oh, and by the way: thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it, even if it's just to hold a glass plate under my nose to make sure I'm still fogging it up. <3

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