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"Technologies for the modern frontier." - Aldyne corporate slogan


The Aldyne Group was formed after the Glassing by an international conglomerate of European and Trans-American companies looking to compete with the newly-formed Smyth-Kobar Heavy Industries conglomerate.


Aldyne specializes in a wide variety of fields. Aldyne prides itself on what are known as "Aldyne Firsts," marketing propaganda to enhance their standing in the public eye. Such "firsts" include:

  • the groundwork for what would eventually be known as Civic-Agnostic Reciprocal Networking, or CARNET.
  • the rail system spider-webbing most of the Martian regolith
  • the creation of Jacob's Ladder, named after Jacob Aldyne IV
  • the creation of shipping lanes for Guldsommar Holdings to allow for resources from the outer reaches to return to Solfed space

Key Players

Aldyne is very much a family owned-and-operated enterprise, despite employing hundreds of millions across multiple planets. Its reins are firmly in the control of the Aldyne family.

Key Locations

Aldyne's corporate headquarters is located in Orion City, Mars (colloquially known in SolFed space as "New Terra"). The pride of Aldyne engineering, Jacob's Ladder, stands over 400 stories tall, aggressively observing the entirety of Orion City and regions beyond.

Aldyne provides for its employees housing, food, and other costs of living provided that they work at the company's discretion when and if deemed necessary. This has led to accusations (however quiet) that Orion City is primarily a scrip town.

Fleet Size

Aldyne Defense Industries (a/k/a Aldef) is the primary subcontractor for Solfed defense, and as such operates a vast fleet of intrastellar craft designed to deter aggression and defend interior belt holdings from "all enemies both foreign and domestic." While the exact size of the Aldyne fleet is unknown, they have been known to scrape shield with Smyth-Kobar craft inside the belt, and many of both companies' ships have been scuttled "under mysterious and unidentifiable circumstances" despite Solfed regulations regarding shipside data recording.

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