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"We didn't ask to be formed. We weren't invited to society. That which we were, we became, and we deserve nothing less than anyone else whose life was forced upon them. We just want to be left alone." --Lyric Fulgens


The story of the Lyricians begins with Project Lyric, an attempt by Smyth-Kobar to edit human DNA to include animal traits that ended up, producing, well..."furries," for lack of a better term. Deemed an "erasable failure" by Smyth-Kobar and selected for summary destruction, several were rescued by another group of washout Smyth-Kobar projects known as the Twelve.

The reason these half-human half-animal species gained the name "Lyricians" is because of Lyric, the first of their kind. Lyric would later assist in brokering the McMurdo Concordat, ending the widely acceptable genocide of hybrids and establishing themselves as a protected class.

Lyricians would later be responsible for or play key roles in a number of achievements across the Solar Federation, such as:

  • The cracking of the Martian Ice Caps and the subsequent establishment of New Mawsynram
  • The Ivory Hermitage megaproject, a massive colonization push to establish the first society outside the reaches of Solfed/Transjove space
  • The brokering of the Belt Compact, leading to mutual aid agreements between the Solar Federation and the Transjovian Cooperative


Lyricians benefit from several of the same genetic enhancements as the Twelve, but unlike the Twelve require cellular reconditioning to prolong their lives; otherwise their lifespans are on par with the average human. They have the same fuchsia blood that courses through the veins of every Smyth-Kobar Genelabs Project and are easily identified by it (if for some reason the animal ears, fur, etc. don't give it away somehow).

Lyrician reproduction occurs primarily in a laboratory setting; this is due to the differentiation in species. There are avian Lyricians, mammalian Lyricians, and reptilian Lyricians. Lyricians of the same hybridization type are largely able to interbreed, though most choose to use an intermediary geneticist to assist with ironing out any potential hiccups.

Lyrician scientists are well-known for their gene-editing prowess due to them needing such skills to survive and are frequently sought out for their skills by humans for gene therapy and knockout editing. Some even operate in the employ of Smyth-Kobar and Aldyne, though most view that sort of employment for profit (rather than survival) as taboo.

Key Locations

Most Lyricians call the Martian moons of Phobos and Demios their homes, though the Lyrician diaspora can be found throughout SolFed and Transjove space. Ceres houses a large contingent of Lyricians due to its neutrality in intersystem politics.