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Smyth-Kobar Heavy Industries

"Smyth-Kobar has been around since before the Glassing. They're the ones that encouraged it for chrissakes! These bastards practically are the Solar Federation. You better watch your ass, because lemme tell you what, they are, and they're watching the asses of your friends, too." -- Flake Stelleri


Smyth-Kobar Heavy Industries (SKHI) was initially formed as a conglomerate of multiple Asian, European, and American bioscience companies that quickly expanded to include heavy machinery and financial interests, and eventually became one of the 22nd century's largest megamergers. Shortly before the Glassing, Smyth-Kobar declared themselves an independent enterprise, claiming a large swath of eastern Asia as their primary holding. After the Glassing, the United Nations would grant them sovereign border rights. They became the first corporate nation-state, followed decades later by The Aldyne Group who would claim a majority of Western Europe and Greenland.

Since then, Smyth-Kobar has become a de facto leader in Old Terran political circles, driving a majority of policy-making decisions on behalf of the Solar Federation. Smyth-Kobar also has many inroads in the Transjovian Cooperative, having established multiple gas-cracking platforms in orbit above Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.


Despite the title Heavy Industries, Smyth-Kobar's primary focus for a long time was biosciences. Their initial foray into genetic research led to the creation of the Twelve, a genetic research experiment looking for the answer to cellular death (immortality). After losing all traces of the initial Twelve, Smyth-Kobar tried their hand once more at gene splicing and created the Lyricians, human-animal hybrids that would eventually gain protected status via the McMurdo Concordat.

Smyth-Kobar has since dialed back its bioscience spending, instead choosing to focus on more mundane resource-producing pursuits. These have included:

  • Establishment of the Ishtar Colony, the first gas-farming plantation on Venus
  • Frame Research, including Project Wichita
  • Gas-cracking platforms in Transjove space in cooperation with Guldsommar Holdings
  • Building Bernoulli-class gas freighters capable of traversing the solar system at sublight speeds

Smyth-Kobar has also dabbled in military spending, having developed shipboard mass drivers and plasma weaponry often found on cargo ships looking to defend themselves from potential pirates (though, piracy in shipping lanes is an exceedingly rare occurrence on account of how expensive it is to acquire such equipment).

Key Players

Smyth-Kobar Heavy Industries has a rotating 24-member Board of Directors that controls the company's direction. The names and locations of the Directors are a closely guarded corporate secret.

Key Location

SKHI operates primarily on Old Terra. Their corporate headquarters is a widespread network of artificial landmasses in the South China Sea connected by hyper-rail to East Asia and beyond.

Fleet Size

Smyth-Kobar has a large intrastellar fleet of cargo and personnel carriers. They are also the primary operators and suppliers of the Orbridge cargo and passenger fleet spiderwebbing across the inner and outer solar system.

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